Super Secret Undelete Function

Have you ever accidentally deleted something in Canvas? The folks down at Instructure are known for saying that nothing is ever truly deleted in Canvas. Many content items have a revision history in the settings, but you can also add “/undelete” to the web address to recover items that were recently deleted. This GIF shows how:

Canvas Undelete Function

Prepare Canvas for 2nd Semester

canvas41A new semester means new courses in Canvas. You will need to set-up and publish your new courses, just like you did for 1st semester. Here are answers to some common questions about setting-up a course:

When will courses be available?
Courses will be available to teachers on Feb 2nd and students will be loaded into the course on the morning of Feb 3rd. They will need to hide the 1st semester course and show the 2nd semester course. How to hide show courses on an iPad.

Will I need to set-up the Canvas grade book to transfer grades to Skyward?
Yes, the assignment groups in Canvas need to match the grade book categories in Skyward. Watch this video if you have forgotten.

How do I hide old classes a show new classes?
How do I copy content from one course to another?
How do I hide or reorder items on the course navigation menu?
How do I add my own image to my course?