Quizlet Live

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You may have heard of Quizlet as an application for creating and studying flashcards. Did you know that they now have an exciting new collaborative classroom game called Quizlet live?

Students race against each other to match sets of cards. If you don’t want to create your own flashcards, you can search through over 125 million sets! Quizlet can help students learn vocabulary, definitions, formulas, diagrams, procedures, dates, and more.

Watch the video to see how it works or check out the Live Demo to see what it looks like from the students perspective.

Digital Learning Day


It’s Digital Learning Day on Thursday, February 23rd! What is Digital Learning Day? Digital Learning Day was started as a way to actively spread innovative practices and ensure that all youth have access to high-quality digital learning opportunities no matter where they live.  

We want to share out & celebrate the many ways that VPS teachers and students use technology to enhance learning experiences every day. Your students will be receiving an email at the beginning of the day on the 23rd that asks them to share their thinking.The ITF team will be grabbing student quotes throughout the day to share on Twitter (#DLDay). We appreciate any reminders you may give to students to check their email to complete the quick survey.

This could also be a quick 10 minute entry task. Click HERE for teacher slides.We would love to hear from you too!  Click HERE to participate.  Or tweet out using the hashtags #DLDay #VPSSuccess #vpsipad